The Angels heal. They raise awareness and funds.

Each Angel Grid is made up of 108 individual angels. When assembled as a whole, the angels tell a unique story of hope, love, and healing. The Angels in the grid are sold individually to donors who then “gift” them back to your organization. The fully-funded grid hangs in a place of honor at your facility as an uplifting reminder of your mission.

A steady revenue stream.

The 108 Angel Project was developed to give each organization a continuous revenue stream. Each angel in The Grid is sold individually and as prints.  Angels can be released to the individual donor or given back to the organization. Therefore, patrons who purchase an Angel and donate it back receive a signed archival print of their Angel. The artist will create an original “thank you” plaque to memorialize their name. This will hang in perpetuity near the complete grid. The organization can continue to sell archival prints of the Angels as a fundraising vehicle. Patrons are directed to a specially-created web portal that shows the 108 Angel Grid and gives them the opportunity to purchase an archival print of their favorite Angel or a print of the entire grid. Contact us today to learn more.