Tree Grid

Tree Grid is being sold as original Angels and as limited edition archival prints. It was created to benefit The Center for Grieving Children and 25% of the proceeds from all sales goes directly to the organization.

To purchase an Angel scroll through the grid you see here and then click on the individual Angel to purchase.  

Click here to if you would like to see a larger view of the Grid.

Hidden Flames (T-A1) Understanding (T-A2) Becoming (T-A3) Dignity (T-A4) Nebula (Celeste) (T-A5) Multitudes (T-A6) Teacher (T-A7) Truth (T-A8) Pressence (T-A9) All's Well (T-A10) The Watcher (T-A11) Mercury (Messenger) (T-A12) Faith (T-B1) Luna (T-B2) Master of Ceremonies (T-B3) Hospitality (T-B4) Beginnings (T-B5) Empathy (T-B6) Wonderland (T-B7) Meditation (T-B8) Inner Ocean (T-B9) Foretell (T-B10) Promise (T-B11) Creative Source (T-B12) Strength (T-C1) Surge Forward (T-C2) Brilliance (T-C3) Listening (T-C4) Sprouting (T-C5) Vinionar (T-C6) Cycles (T-C7) Night Owl (T-C8) Waiting (T-C9) Serene (T-C10) Knowing (T-C11) Awareness (T-C12) Pruity (T-D1) Self Worth (T-D2) Remembering (T-D3) Letting Go (T-D4) Light Hearted (T-D5) Vulnerability (T-D6) Betwix & Between (T-D7) Pearl (T-D8) Taking Flight (T-D9) Emotion (T-D10) Deep Breath (T-D11) Inspire (T-D12) Levity (T-E1) Ease (T-E2) Holding What's Next (T-E3) Realization (T-E4) Peaceful Splendor (T-E5) Irresistable (T-E6) Golden Moon (T-E7) New Paradigm (T-E8) Sound Waves (T-E9) Keeper of Secrets (T-E10) Witness (T-E11) Instinct (T-E12) Achievment (T-F1) Come With Me (T-F2) Mentor (T-F3) Dance of Life (T-F4) New Beginnings (T-F5) Permission (T-F6) Ecstasy (T-F7) The Guardian (T-F8) Acceptance (T-F9) Synchronicity (T-F10) Nourishment (T-F11) Appreciation (T-F12) Care Giver (T-G1) Three Worlds (T-G2) Patience (T-G3) Insight (T-G4) Sanctuary (T-G5) Curiosity (T-G6) Night Hearth (T-G7) Tree of LIfe (T-G8) The Well (T-G9) Humility (T-G10) Forest Queen (T-G11) Unifyer (T-G12) Beauty (T-H1) Emergence (T-H2) Wise Eyes (T-H3) Peace Maker (T-H4) Soul Protector (T-H5) Wise Hands (T-H6) Focus (T-H7) Subtle Insight (T-H8) Blue Movement (T-H9) To LIfe (T-H10) Sustance (T-H11) Honor (T-H12) Morning Den (T-I1) Spirit of Flight (T-I2) Fertility (T-I3) Forest Soul (T-I4) Wonder (T-I5) Jester (T-I6) Awakening (T-I7) Grace (T-I8) Resiliance (T-I9) Eternity (T-I10) Dreamer (T-I11) Amber Essence (T-I12)