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Compassion Grid

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Sweet Heart (C-A1) Between Worlds (C-A2) Carrying the Bear (C-A3) Heart Portal (C-A4) Breath of Life (C-A5) Wisdom (C-A6) Innocence (C-A7) Offering (C-A8) Abundant Heart (C-A9) Compass (C-B1) The Queen of Hearts (C-B2) Still Eye in Wind (C-B3) Day and Night (C-B4) Opening Heart (C-B5) Prince of Passion (C-B6) Grace (C-B7) Flying With Purpose (C-B8) Oracle (C-B9) The Coming Sun (C-C1) Opening (C-C2) Wind Dancer (C-C3) Invinity (C-C4) Life Goes On (C-C5) Heart Carrier (C-C6) Alchemy (C-C7) Spiral of Flight (C-C8) Cloak of Wisdom (C-C9) Flying Colors (C-D1) Dancing Angel (C-D2) Essence of LIfe (C-D3) Mudra (C-D4) Manifestation (C-D5) The Call (C-D6) The LIght Within (C-D7) Kindness (C-D8) Flowering Angels (C-D9) Night Angel (C-E1) Star Mandala (C-E2) Bridging Love (C-E3) Blessing Light (C-E4) Soul Mandala (C-E5) Budding Heart (C-E6) Illumination (C-E7) Bright Flight (C-E8) Seed Carrier (C-E9) New Love (C-F1) Soul Fire (C-F2) Growth (C-F3) Lilly (C-F4) Luna y Sol (C-F5) Angel Birth (C-F6) Opening Prayer (C-F7) Flight (C-F8) Good Fortune (C-F9) Wholeness (C-G1) Native Moon (C-G2) Spirit Within (C-G3) Protector (C-G4) Divine Moon (C-G5) Vision Quest (C-G6) Sea Goddess (C-G7) The Mediator (C-G8) The Hearts Way (C-G9) The Dream Keeper (C-H1) Regal Heart (C-H2) Celebration (C-H3) Logic (C-H4) The Watcher (C-H5) Chance (C-H6) Eternal Spring (C-H7) Simple Heart (C-H8) Coming Dawn (C-H9) Radiant Heart (C-I1) Moon Seed (C-I2) Compassion (C-I3) Lotus (C-I4) Inner Wisdom (C-I5) Radiating Light (C-I6) Empathy (C-I7) Deepening Truth (C-I8) Innocence (C-I9) New Beginnings (C-J1) Omnipresent (C-J2) Phoenix (C-J3) New Beginning (C-J4) Harvest (C-J5) Passages (C-J6) Reaching Mandala (C-J7) Source (C-J8) Gratitude (C-J9) Chief (C-K1) Appreciation (C-K2) Conception (C-K3) Za (C-K4) Awakening (C-K5) Unwinding Journey (C-K6) Moon Tide (C-K7) North Star (C-K8) Kundalini Rising (C-K9) Oasis (C-L1) Midnight Fairy (C-L2) Dove (C-L3) Listening (C-L4) The Teller of Tales (C-L5) Magic (C-L6) Traveling With Spirit (C-L7) Emergence (C-L8) The Keeper (C-L9)