Creating angels.

The 108 Angels Project came to me one day as I was walking and wondering how I could use my gifts and be of service. The answer came in a whispered wind, “You’ve been angeled!” I laugh and began ‘creating angels. This project is envisioned as a prayer with a dash of whimsy. Angels have no boundaries. The 108 Angels Project heralds our individual wisdom and the beauty we can create when we come together. Every angel in a grid is unique. When 108 angels hang together the grid becomes a vessel of strength and healing. Together we can create magic. As we each heal and embrace our angelic natures, we are inspired and inspire others. Healing and gifting go hand in hand. The 108 Angel Project embraces personal and collective wholeness. How we live and what we bring to our world matters. How would you live knowing you had been ‘angeled’? 

-Eva Goetz, 108 Angels artist


About the Artist

Eva Goetz received a BFA from University of Texas in Austin, and a MS in Education from Bank Street College in New York where she was also active in the East Village Art Movement. Goetz has exhibited throughout the United States for many years.

She has also studied energy medicine with renowned healers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Peru. (Please visit more information about healing.) 108 Angels merges the artist’s two loves of art and energy medicine.