Hope takes flight.

The Grid

The Tree Grid. Click here to see a larger view.

The Angels are individual emissaries of healing. The Angels hang together to create a unifying symbol of wholeness. This is an important aspect of the project.

Why 108?
In many Eastern traditions the number 108 represents the cycles of creation and movement: it’s a number of transformation. Construction and deconstruction are embedded in that ancient numerology.

Why a grid?
We are part of the great matrix of life. The 108 Angels fly together as one tribe that inspires and creates dialogue. As such, it’s important that each Angel be as unique as our own individual spirits. Symbolically and artistically the grid is a vessel of healing energy.

How does one purchase? 
Purchase either an individual Angel from the grid or a limited edition archival print. The Angels are one-of-a-kind and each has its own unique personality. The archival prints are sold in limited editions and are breathtaking representations of the originals.

Are you ready to take flight?
Contact us today to learn more about the 108 Angel Project. Find out how, through art and the spirit of joy and healing, you can create a powerful and profound fundraising program for your organization.